Book Launch: The Charter for Children

Dearest friends, family members and blog readers, For the past five years I’ve been working on a sizeable project and I’m excited to finally share some of the results with you. After my… Continue reading

Beauty Comes in All Colours – And Even No Colour at All

One of the most eye-opening aspects of my experience in South Africa has been observing and analyzing racial relations and interactions. Coming from multicultural Canada, where racial integration is a proud element of… Continue reading

Living on Boiled Cabbage – Child Maintenance in South Africa

Glory Legodi is the mother of twelve year old twin girls. The girls’ father left when the girls were only six months of age, and since that time, Glori and the children have… Continue reading

Road Trip Recap

Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to travel along the southern coast of South Africa. Here is a much delayed and brief photo journey of the trip: The first stop on our… Continue reading

The Blue Dress

On Wednesday evening, our friend Roanna Tay provided Georgina and I with a tour of the Constitutional Court of South Africa.  Roanna is currently clerking at the Constitutional Court and has access to… Continue reading

From the Cradle on the Waves to the Cradle of Humankind

Among other fleeting aspirations, I had an aspiration to be a palaeontologist when I was sixteen. Likely a result of my infatuation with Jurassic Park, I even researched the Canadian universities that offered… Continue reading

The Child Journeys On

Much of my work at Legal Aid South Africa falls within the field of children’s rights. Section 28 of South Africa’s Bill of Rights explicitly outlines a list of rights granted to children.… Continue reading

Tragedy and Triumph: The Apartheid Museum

At the entrance to the Apartheid Museum, each visitor is arbitrarily given a ticket that either says “Whites” or “Non-Whites”. With this arbitrary distinction in hand, visitors enter the museum through the appropriate… Continue reading

LGBTI Rights and Realities in South Africa

A constitution can oblige a government to protect a citizen’s liberty and dignity, but one of the real tests for a compassionate society is how well the values that are espoused in a… Continue reading

My first post – from a small café in Joburg.

I arrived in Johannesburg two weeks ago.  Although initially jet-legged and wide-eyed, the adjustment has been smooth (momentary lapses of judgment aside – including an experience on Saturday evening recounted in dramatic detail… Continue reading